Friday, 5 February 2010

What a difference a day makes....

Well blog-ites, may I just say THANK GOD!!! The dark clouds over my head have seemingly sailed over the horizon, taking with them the desire to stab myself in the eye repeatedly with a rusted fork. Huzzah.

And not a moment too soon. January sought to crush my soul beneath its inexorably boot of hardcore full time work followed by a hectic audition/filming schedule, parental visits, boozy shennanigans and general floozy behaviour inherent to/in reaction of the above. But today I feel I've turned a corner. Maybe it's the cautious re-emergence of sunshine into the rain-washed London streets. Maybe it's the fact that it hit TEN DEGREES CELSIUS today!! Or maybe it's just that it's Friday and the weekend stretches before me like a beautiful dream of free time. You see, my filming for this weekend has been rescheduled!!! That means....*gasp*....FREE TIME?!?!?! THAT MEANS SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND TIME TO READ WITH CUPS OF TEA IN BED!!!! AND YOGA AND HAIRCUTS AND PUB DRINKS WITH FRIENDS TO WATCH THE ENGLAND/WALES GAME (a tricky line to walk - friends on both sides)!!!!!!

I think some things are best demonstrated by pictures of animals. Please see below for details.

Aaaaaaaahhhhh.......Fridays. Smell that?? It's the taste of freedom.



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