Thursday, 11 February 2010

Alexander McQueen - the Death of a Legend.

The couture world will be in shock as news breaks that Alexander McQueen, a staple to the contingent of quirky and original British fashion, is found dead in his home (roughly half an hour ago).

Always original, independent and fresh, McQueen's creations will certainly be missed but I suspect only half as much as the man himself.

He leaves behind him a legacy of beauty balanced with strength, originality and forceful design.

There is unlikely to be a fashion talent quite like him, not in this generation, nor in the next.


Rest in peace Mr McQueen, 'Les Enfant Terrible' of the fashion world.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sarah Palin - The Mind Boggles

Sarah Palin, I always knew you were an idiot but I didn't think you were THAT special. As a public service to mankind, mammals, reptiles, primates, arachnids, crustacea, mollusks, heck, to all vertibrates, invertibrates and inanimate objects - please, please go live in a cave in Alaska. Do NOT appear on television, give any more interviews to newspapers or even blog/twitter - you clearly have no grip on reality and even less of an understanding of politics. Just go away. You make my eyes and ears bleed.

Ahhhhhh......purge over. I feel clean again.


Friday, 5 February 2010

What a difference a day makes....

Well blog-ites, may I just say THANK GOD!!! The dark clouds over my head have seemingly sailed over the horizon, taking with them the desire to stab myself in the eye repeatedly with a rusted fork. Huzzah.

And not a moment too soon. January sought to crush my soul beneath its inexorably boot of hardcore full time work followed by a hectic audition/filming schedule, parental visits, boozy shennanigans and general floozy behaviour inherent to/in reaction of the above. But today I feel I've turned a corner. Maybe it's the cautious re-emergence of sunshine into the rain-washed London streets. Maybe it's the fact that it hit TEN DEGREES CELSIUS today!! Or maybe it's just that it's Friday and the weekend stretches before me like a beautiful dream of free time. You see, my filming for this weekend has been rescheduled!!! That means....*gasp*....FREE TIME?!?!?! THAT MEANS SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND TIME TO READ WITH CUPS OF TEA IN BED!!!! AND YOGA AND HAIRCUTS AND PUB DRINKS WITH FRIENDS TO WATCH THE ENGLAND/WALES GAME (a tricky line to walk - friends on both sides)!!!!!!

I think some things are best demonstrated by pictures of animals. Please see below for details.

Aaaaaaaahhhhh.......Fridays. Smell that?? It's the taste of freedom.



Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Paper Heart Cut-Outs - Zoe Bradley, the New Queen of Origami

I stumbled across this picture in my daily meanderings in the fabulous world of the internets and was so floored by what I saw that I immediately got on my google pony and found out as much a I could about the creator of these pieces of fabulousness - Zoe Bradley.

Lately of Alexander McQueen, she has been working her magic on an impressively global scale having done shop fronts for everyone from Harvey Nichols in London to Missoni in Milan to Lane Crawford in Hong Kong - the girl gets around! But her globetrotting is well warranted when one casts an eye over her spectacular pieces, as beautiful for their intricacy and detail as for their gorgeously structural silhouettes.

Here's some more eyecandy for you!

I love the 1950's Dior influences in these two - just gorgeous!!...

And finally, my Cinderella wedding dress

In short, I want them all...erm....minus the papercuts!!