Friday, 29 January 2010

(Wolf) Whistles for Roksanda Illincic

Roksanda my dearest, my love, my muse - you have picked up your game remarkably! The flowerly adjectives escape me at present but if I had more than two brain cells to rub together on this Friday afternoon (don't get me started on my week!! 7 AUDITIONS + FULL TIME WORK + PARENTS FLYING INTO TOWN = exhausted Miss M with a bad back from sleeping on the ricketty fold out sofa) I would wax lyrical about this collection. True flashes of inspiration with flashes of a revolution against Spring/Summer lightweight materials and detailing - her embellishments are large, geometric and ultimately almost hypnotic, but not at one moment are they too heavy for this collection. And with names like celadine and milkweed - what's not to love?!

My two favourites:


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