Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Christmas Season and Subsequent Procrastinations

I'm sitting at my desk not working.

That's right.

I'm on strike.

...well as much as you can be when you're actually at work sitting at your desk. But I'm distinctly not doing any work. No, that would make it too easy for them. Instead, I am reading all my favourite blogs and attempting to stiffle the subsequent sniggering. Just for the fun of it, and to spread more gleeful sniggering around the globe (or to the collective 3 people who read this blog, poor sods), here are my top 4:

1. Liberty London Girl
An obvious choice, her view of the world, while rarely involving anything sartorial, is delightful. Reading her blog makes me feel as though I'm part of her family/world/co-adopter of the beagle puppies. Gives me a happy.

2. What Possessed Me
Damn, this girl is FUNNY! Totally wry, off the wall humour that has made me snort into my coffee cup more times that I would like to admit. One classy operator.

3. StyleBubble
This chic can mix fashion and observation like no one else. Totally brilliant and my main go to for getting in on the ground floor of new and spectacularly quirky designers around the world. Awesome.

4. The Sartorialist
I know. Totally cliche now but that's not his fault now is it?? I don't give up my blog addictions just because the blogger becomes famous. Oh no, I become unbearably smug in the knowedge that I loved him before he was popular. Ahhhhh, smug satisfaction.

Well this certainly was fun and ate up some of the time before I could legitimately clock off.

Thanks for watching.


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