Friday, 11 September 2009


I am in love with my new nail colour. *

I realise that I haven't posted for a while and as a result this statement seems a little out of the ordinary but I really truly love this nail colour. I have no idea what it's called or what the brand is (much to my chagrin) as I got them done at the complementary manicure bar at Vogue's Fashion Night at Banana Republic last night but I am sold on the whole nail polish thing. I have never been able to keep nail polish on and faced with the hassle of having to remove the damned stuff 24 hours after laboriously painting it on over the course of an agonising 3 hour time frame after every single nail starts to chip I have never really bothered with it much. But I really think that this colour has change my perspective and thusly my life. Already I can see the difference in how I hold myself and go about my day. Rather than simply order my sandwich at Charlicks deli, when asked for my selection this afternoon I waived my arms about, gesticulating wildly and practically screamed at the poor man "I'll have the SALMON!! With some LIGHT CREAM CHEESE and some CAPERS if you don't mind!!" in a ridiculously posh voice. I think I simultaneously gave him a heart attack and poked the woman behind me's eye out. For a few minutes I couldn't figure out what had possessed me, for a possession it is. My personality has been transplanted with that of a pompously posh camp cabaret singer cum opera diva. Then I figured it out.

It's the nail polish. I will name the shade Diva Rouge and hunt every aisle in every store until I find the exact hue and buy a dozen bottles.

Confidence and panache in a bottle? Who couldn't use a bit more of that?
*Note: my fingers never seemed that stumpy in real life.

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