Friday, 8 May 2009


As the title implies, this is the beginning. The first post of my new blog which I hope will afford you some kind of entertainment as I grapple my way through the hectic life I lead in the media industry in the great capital of culture that is London.
Now, I’m not claiming my life is a constant rollercoaster of premieres, parties and air kisses, although there is a definite element of that as part and parcel of my job in the media industry. For the most part I struggle with the daily things like everyone else. Work, men, friends, family, sometimes even the smallest task, like getting up in the morning bemoaning my lack of anything even resembling fashion that I can wear without looking like a leper who dresses in a dark closet, seems to be an almost insurmountable mountain instead of the molehill that it would appear to be to many other (some would say ‘normal’) people. In any case, I hope that my foibles and faux pas give you a giggle at the very least. After all, at the end of the day you can really only laugh at yourself, right?

Hopefully loud enough to drown out the tittering coming from everyone else.

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